Why I Won’t Be Honoring My Mother on Mother’s Day

May 9, 2021 | Leadership

I can’t honor my mom face-to-face anymore. She’s been gone for just over seven years.

But if I could, I’d tell her five things I neglected to say while she was still here. Things like…

7 “Thank You”s to My Mother This Mother’s Day

1. Thank you for letting me spread my wings and fly away to far-flung areas of the country to live, raise my family, and explore. I know you would rather have had me close. (You made that clear on frequent occasions.) Nevertheless, you knew I needed to be my own person and chart my own path. And you honored that.

2. Thank you for the high value you placed on learning. You were always more enthused about formal education and degrees than I was. I was more into learning, reading, and discovering without the structure of someone telling me what I had to read or learn. But you definitely passed on to me your love of learning. And because of that, I’ve invested far more in my ongoing education than I otherwise would have.

3. Thank you for your devotion to family. Even though you had many interests and the education and capability to pursue all your outside interests, family always came first. You were first and foremost about making sure my sisters and I got what we needed. Even if it meant material sacrifices that I grumbled about at the time.

4. Thank you for making travel a priority. Now I’m a travel fanatic too. I came by it honestly. It’s in my blood. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Seriously, I appreciate the fact that you knew we’d learn a ton by getting out of our comfort zone and seeing how the rest of the world lives.

5. Thank you for teaching us to live within our means and to save and invest. That’s a lesson easily lost in America today, where entitlement reigns supreme and nearly everyone demands instant gratification, even if it means maxing out their credit cards. You had a lot of financial street smarts, despite never having much income to work with.

We’re Different, But She’s My Role Model

Mom, I’m far different from you in personality and interests. But if I can become half the woman you were (despite your hardships and adversities in life), I will be blessed indeed.

To your unlimited business growth,

Carol Parks

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