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Who Will You Trust for Your Web Copywriting & Other Digital Needs?

“Media is just media”… or is it?

It’s true that many rules of direct response copy apply to digital media. But there’s more to web copywriting than that.

Digital media is highly interactive, very public, and much more focused on engagement than print media is.

When it comes to web copywriting, user experience is king.

When writing for the web, I think like a strategist – and like an architect – helping your visitors find the exact page they want, with the least resistance possible.

That means my navigation links and hyperlinks must be crystal clear and brain-dead simple to understand and use.

Readers today are impatient and time-pressured, and will hit the back button for the tiniest of reasons.

As your web copywriter, I strike the perfect balance between getting your readers to the pages they want to see and getting them to the pages you want them to see.

Also, any web copywriter, email copywriter, or digital copywriter worth their salt understands marketing funnels. And what type of copy to use at the top of the funnel versus the middle or bottom.

Add in SEO and keyword research. So you can be found and ranked by search engines.

All that’s to say that writing copy for the web is not merely writing for one more medium.

There’s a whole lot more to web copywriting & other digital copy than most people realize.

That’s why you want to entrust your copy to a website expert… someone who’s written website copy and digital copy of all sorts – including emails, funnels, lead gen, sales copy, and content – for 15 years.

Carol Parks Certifications - Web Copywriting, Health Copywriting, Financial Copywriting, B2B Copywriting

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“I've gone through the copy and the quizzes and it all looks fantastic! I'm really impressed with (Carol’s) ability to create all this with very little input from me... One aspect of the copy I'm struggling with is... It’s too good!”

Dr. Brian Lamkin
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