Transform Your Vision Statement Today

May 12, 2021 | Leadership, Success

“Where there is no vision, the people perish.”

~The Bible


Everything starts with a strong vision – and corresponding vision statement. Whether for your company (or department), parenting, education, finances, or what-have-you.

A strong vision makes everything about the venture stronger.

But how do you formulate and convey your vision, or your company’s vision?


Dream Big

First, major in the majors. Don’t just focus on small tweaks. It’s true that big doors swing on small hinges. But think large. Dream big. Set lofty goals.

Ask yourself, “What’s the biggest way I could help my clients if time and money were no issue?”

Incorporate these ideas into your vision statement.

Think of yourself as a creator, not a marketer. Look past the numbers and your bottom line. Instead, create a future focused on improving your clients’ lives.

What inspires them? How could your business improve their lives?


Define the Details

Once you’ve outlined the big picture, you’ll want to put some feet on those lofty ideals.

To do that, ask yourself these questions:

  • What does your company do better than other businesses?
  • What keywords do you use when describing your business to others?
  • What words do your clients use when they describe what you do for them?
  • What about your business (or life) makes you happy?
  • What about your company makes your clients happy?
  • What helps your clients lead better lives?

Now go through these questions a second time, as if you were 10 years down the road. Ignore the practical for a few moments. Dream big as you answer, thinking about your ideal. What do you want for your clients?

Use these details from your 10-year answers to help guide your vision statement today.


Keep it Human

Put human emotions into your vision statement.

Stay clear of ‘corporate’ language. Use words and phrases your child, grandchild, niece, or nephew would understand. Use team-building words like ‘together’ and ‘we.’

Do your best to captivate your clients with your view of a bright future.

Your vision statement should explain to your clients why you set your goal and how you will get there. Successful companies stay true to their vision and work toward their goals with their clients.

Incidentally, this can apply to departments within a larger corporation too. Your department does have a vision, doesn’t it? If not, get one. A strategic plan is impossible without it.


Share Your Vision

Once you’ve updated your vision statement, diligently and consistently communicate it. Bring clients on your journey with you. It’ll help develop fierce loyalty and a powerful sense of camaraderie.

Over time, you, your company, and/or your clients may change. That’s okay.

Re-assess your goals, re-define your details, and adjust your vision statement to align with your new why and how. Just remember to tell your clients. Keep them with you as you work toward your new goals.

When you and your clients are aligned and have the same vision, you both succeed.


To your unlimited business growth,

Carol Parks

Carol Parks helps entrepreneurs and companies grow and scale via digital copywriting and smart marketing strategy… both B2B and B2C. Need copy now? Check-out her Services & Copywriting Packages!