Independence Day – Isn’t It Time to Put the Freedom Back Into Free Enterprise?

Jun 30, 2020 | Entrepreneurship

Has the American freedom train left the station?

If so, we’d better chase it down and reel it in!


It’s widely thought that Americans enjoy the greatest freedoms in the world.

At the top of the list, you’d likely name freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and freedom of the press. But the most forgotten and disregarded freedom in America today is economic freedom and our free enterprise system.

In a pure free enterprise system, entrepreneurs and business owners enjoy these freedoms:

  • The right to start, expand, or discontinue businesses.
  • The right to purchase any resource they can pay for.
  • The right to use any technology.
  • The right to produce any product and offer it at any price.
  • The right to invest (or reinvest) in any way they see fit.

Please note: These rights do not guarantee success. You can offer your product or service at any price point you choose, but clearly it must be matched by a buyer willing to purchase it at that price.

Obviously, buyers have freedom of choice too. As a buyer you should be able to:

  • Buy any good or service at any price, provided you can pay for it.
  • Use your own resources however you wish, consistent with the rights of others.

These rights also preclude guarantees.


A Sure Sign the Freedom Train Has Left the Station

Interference with free enterprise – exemplified by today’s oppressive government red tape, high taxes, and ‘parasites’ living off our tax money – makes a mockery of the freedoms this great country was founded upon.

Today we might have private enterprise, but to think we have free enterprise is a huge leap.

The last thing we need is more government meddling to constrain the rights of entrepreneurs. Marketplace competition already does that, because consumers have freedom to buy or not buy as they see fit.

Free enterprise is critical, because it lets us pursue our own self-interest and encourages us to be productive.

This productivity leads to a bigger pie, and a higher standard of living.

Shockingly, most business people are not as focused on this as you might assume. Heck, you might not even be as focused on it as you think you are.

Warning: If you’re not focused on this, you’re dangerous to yourself and others, and are probably confused about the overall purpose of business. And confused people are dangerous people.


So What Should We Do Now?

You must exercise clarity and control over your own productivity to survive in this age of private (not free) enterprise.

To quote Mike Murdock in his book Secrets of the Richest Man Who Ever Lived: 31 Master Secrets from the Life of King Solomon…

“Always keep in mind that few people around you have any serious plans

they are pursuing on a daily basis.”

To be blunt, there’s an unprecedented movement against free enterprise, productivity, and accountability today.

And if you’re going to win in business and oust the negative effects of today’s oligarchy, you must fight this with every atom of your being and every breath of your day… and with great intention and deliberateness.

As we celebrate America’s 244th birthday in a couple days, it’s worth remembering that freedom isn’t free.

And that entrepreneurs play a key role in our nation’s freedom.

As we remember and honor the heroic sacrifices of our armed forces, let us also honor the hard-working entrepreneurs and business people, and their spirit of innovation and invention that has been a cornerstone of American culture since the very beginning. Even after 244 years, may we never lose sight of these things… the things that make America a truly great nation.


To your unlimited business growth,

Carol Parks

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