Morning Routines of Successful Business Leaders

Apr 30, 2021 | Leadership, Success

Morning Routines of Successful Business Leaders

You’ve heard it before… The early bird gets the worm.

But what exactly does that suggest about how you as an entrepreneur or business leader spend the beginning of your day?

Because what you do early in the day will have a profound impact on how your day goes.

The Pivotal Mistake Many People Make in the Morning

Most business leaders want to know what’s in the news and consume it in some way, shape, or form in the morning – whether while on the treadmill or on the radio while showering. This may make you well informed – which itself is questionable given media bias… But you might also be destroying your day, your productivity, and your company’s revenue stream.

According to a study done by former CBS journalist Michelle Gielan in conjunction with The Huffington Post, watching just three minutes of negative news in the morning makes you 27 percent more likely to feel you’re having a bad day 6 to 8 hours later. Three minutes!

On the other hand, those who watched transformational stories early in the day reported having a good day 88 percent of the time.

The Long Tail of Your Morning Routine

What’s most shocking is the duration of this effect. No one would be surprised when someone feels down 5 or 30 minutes after hearing a negative story. But elevated mood 6 or 8 hours after hearing a good story? That’s remarkable.

Interestingly, people were also more likely to read and share positive stories.

As a business leader or entrepreneur driven to perform well, the study suggests that what we consume early in the morning can have a lasting effect on the trajectory of our day.

Gielan, who went on to found the Institute for Applied Positive Research, suggests ways business leaders can harness the power of their days by starting out right. Here are her top tips.

Curate your news consumption.

Instead of starting your day with an influx of bad news, read something inspirational – the Bible if you’re a person of faith, or Chicken Soup for the Soul, or whatever. Even a few minutes of a book or podcast can boost your whole day by starting it on a positive note.

Steer others toward positive thinking.

Share the successes of people on your team. Send a 2-minute email to praise or thank a friend, family member, or colleague each day. That strengthens bonds. Improves morale. And just might win you a promotion.

Be positive in your speech.

When someone asks how you’re doing, focus on the positive. Start meetings with questions like, “What’s one way a colleague of yours has made your job easier lately?” or “What’s one win you or someone you work with has had that we don’t know about?”

It may be hard to believe that a couple minutes can impact the path of your entire day. But Gielan’s research shows that happiness and productivity may be easier to achieve than people think. And it all begins with how you start your day.

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