Turn Your Website Into An Awesome Lead Generation Machine

May 1, 2021 | Website Copy

You have just three seconds to impress your website visitors before they decide to leave.

Don’t lose them. Use these high-engagement practices.

Practice Hospitality Online

Create a “landing page” for your visitors.

A landing page is a unique page on your website where visitors “land” when they click on your ads. This page focuses your visitor’s attention on one (and only one) offer – the call-to-action they just clicked. A form requests their contact information.

Make sure your landing page headline matches your call-to-action and motivates them to complete your form. What do they get in exchange for giving you their information? A free e-book? Access to your podcast? A coupon code for your webinar series? A checklist?

Reduce anxiety and build trust by only asking for needed information and including security badges, your anti-spam policy, testimonials, and even a preview of an e-book chapter or a past newsletter.

If possible, create urgency by saying “just 20 spots left for this webinar” or “this report is available for a limited time only.”

Your call-to-action should never ever be “submit.” Your action button should say, “Join our free webinar,” or “Send me my free e-book.”

Skip the navigation bar so your visitors don’t get distracted.

Create a unique landing page for each special offer. HubSpot’s Marketing Benchmarks Report shows that companies with 15 landing pages (versus 10) capture 55 percent more leads. Think what a 55 percent boost in business could do for your company.

About Those Bothersome Pop-ups…

Some visitors won’t click through to your landing page. They’ll go straight to your main website. To best convert these visitors to leads, offer an opt-in they can see from every page of your website.

Studies show that when a pop-up appeared within the first seven seconds, there was a 9.29 percent drop in page visits and a 10.2 percent drop in visit length.

Unbounce suggests that if pop-ups appear earlier than 60 seconds, you’ll lose the lead.

People don’t like pop-ups. Neither does Google, which now penalizes pop-ups, saying they interfere with user experience.

Instead, incentivize visitors to read your content and want more.

Or try one of these less obtrusive ways to collect their information:

  • Slide-in subscribe box in the corner once they scroll down the page
  • Sticky” subscribe box at the top or bottom that doesn’t cover content
  • Subscribe box in the footer of every page

Still want a pop-up? Have it appear when visitors reach the bottom of the page or are about to leave your website (“exit-intent technology”).

The Power of Being Polite

Say “thank you” by redirecting them to a thank you page immediately when they opt in.

Add value to this page by including:

  • Social media buttons
  • Invitations to other webinars
  • Discount coupons or codes
  • A list of your “greatest hits” blog posts

Send thank you emails. A HubSpot study showed that thank you emails double engagement rates (opens and click-throughs) compared to standard marketing emails.

Whether you need landing pages, thank you emails, autoresponder sequences, or other web writing done on time and on target, I can help you get your strategic copy written.

To your unlimited business growth,

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