How to be like Alfred Hitchcock… even if you hate his movies

Aug 25, 2021 | Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Success

His family thought he was crazy… BIG mistake.

Why gamble your entire future on something so difficult, so new, based on a rash and foolish idea?

Yet because of that gamble, he became one of the most influential and widely known filmmakers of all time… and the “Master of Suspense.”

He directed 50 movies over the course of 60 years, and his films won six Academy Awards… and received another 40 nominations.

Love him or hate him, Alfred Hitchcock left his “secure” job to launch his new dream.

But he did it smartly… training after hours while working his day job.

Then he created an assortment of silent film title cards for an American movie company in London, Famous Players Lasky Studios. They were so impressed that they offered him a job as studio artist.

He resolved to learn every part of the movie business, and volunteered to help with it all… story plots, scripts, and scene design, as well as assisting the director.

Eight years later he got his “big break”…. his chance to direct.

His genius involved bold camera angles with quick cuts and sudden close-ups. That’s what made him master of the suspense thriller.

Hitchcock’s brilliance was instantly recognized.

But from the start, his greatest resource was his determination to outwork everyone around him.

In pursuing your dreams and goals, are you willing to outwork everyone around you to make it happen?

Or are you just hoping good things will magically drop in your lap?

All the best,

Carol Parks

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