How to Foster Fierce Customer Loyalty

May 11, 2021 | Customer Experience, Customer Loyalty, Marketing Strategy

To attract success, offer products and services that meet your customer’s felt emotional needs. And make sure you also find ways to benefit society.

Most businesses have a vision statement and marketing plan. Those are great tools, but not when they’re used at the expense of your clients’ or customers’ needs and desires.

Your clients must feel important and included.


Think ‘Who,’ Not ‘What’

Shift your focus from ‘what’ to ‘who.’

Instead of thinking about what products and services you offer, think about who you can help.

This subtle shift can work magic.

You have to make that pendulum swing from ‘us first’ (our bottom line, vision, products, efficiency…) to ‘customer first,’ says Catharine Hays, former executive director of The Future of Advertising Program at The Wharton School and co-author of Beyond Advertising: Creating value through all customer touchpoints.

Succeed by helping your clients succeed. Customer loyalty will inherently improve your profit, even without focusing directly on it.


Your Motives Scream

When Marketing Sherpa surveyed 1,200 dissatisfied clients about why they were unhappy, the top two answers were:

  1. The company puts its own business goals ahead of my needs and wants.
  2. The company fails to cultivate a relationship with me.

If your clients have a bad experience with you, they won’t just ignore you. They’ll question your motives.

What’s more, they can and usually will take this perceived slight personally, and they’ll share it with the whole world on social media. Obviously, this can be hazardous to your brand.

Your clients – and their friends on social media – don’t care about your profit margin. They want personalized solutions to their wants and needs. Don’t make them feel like a number or a robot, because what they really want is a relationship with you.

This is the exact problem that huge, impersonal companies like United and Wells Fargo have struggled with in recent years. They treated their paying clients like trash in favor of their bottom line. Which resulted in losing their best customers and ruining their bottom line.

Strategize ways to improve customer experience, instead of focusing solely on profits.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • How can you be relevant to your clients?
  • How can you act in their best interest?
  • How can you add value to them emotionally, cognitively, or monetarily?

In other words, how can you get them to love you as much as their dog or their first-born child?


Benefit Society

Companies like Apple, Zappos, and Uber also consistently share their vision to make the world better, and profit from exceptional client loyalty.

Philanthropy helps improve client loyalty by connecting your company to the community on another level.

Your clients want to feel good about the companies they support. Show them you care about giving back, and they’ll care about you in return.

But a caution is in order… Don’t try to double dip by using philanthropy to find new leads. If your clients think your charity is self-serving, it’ll unwind in a hurry.

Do share your philanthropic efforts with your clients, because they want to feel they’re partnering with you to bring good to the world.

When you act in the best interest of your clients and their world, they’ll reward you with extreme loyalty.

And that’s what leads to your long-term success.


To your unlimited business growth,

Carol Parks

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