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Looking for a financial copywriter who gets your prospect’s money emotions – greed, fear, pride, embarrassment, and more? And can speak to them in a way that brings in the order?

Boomers “catching up” and Gen Xers determined not to repeat the mistakes of their parents aren’t so different from one another emotionally.

They all want better, more comfortable lives. Financial freedom that gives them time and location freedom. They want to appear successful and prosperous to their friends. Be seen as a winner in the competitive world of finance. And in life.

So why do so many individual investors have such a lousy track record… putting themselves in the mode of playing catch-up? Some feel they’ve been taken advantage of.

Which may be why prospects for financial products may be more jaded and skeptical than those in any other niche.

They need an abundance of proof. Along with the assurance that you have a proven system to help them succeed. And a viable way to “control” investing’s (or life’s) inherent risks.

You offer good products and services that work well for your clients.

Let me create the financial copy that convinces them you can help them succeed beyond their wildest dreams. I help you win… you help them win.

Carol Parks Certifications - Web Copywriting, Health Copywriting, Financial Copywriting, B2B Copywriting

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