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What types of projects do you handle?
My copy focuses on websites and emails, alternative health, financial, and B2B.

One core service I offer is a website audit – where I assess your website’s functionality and messaging. I write website copy, emails, and SEO copy for your digital marketing.

In the natural health niche, I help promote supplements, fitness, weight loss, healthy eating, and organic living. And in finance, my work includes subjects like investing, careers, banking, lending, and real estate.

Other niches include B2B publishers, business services, and educational markets. Overall, my writing spans B2C and B2B.

If you’re a new client, my top priority is getting to know everything about your prospect. Who’s your target customer? What are their dreams, aspirations, concerns? What keeps them up at night?

When writing for new products and niches, I’m insatiably curious and a quick study. This lets me get up-to-speed fast about your offer and its features, benefits, and deeper benefits (the “so what?” factor). But knowing who I’m writing for (your prospect/customer/client) is most important of all.

If the proposed project is in a niche I feel I’d underperform in, I won’t accept the project.

What’s your background in the health and financial industries?

I have extensive knowledge of both the natural health and financial industries – having been a student of each my entire adult life, and having worked in both.

My passion for health began with the challenge of a friend, and grew exponentially when I started writing copy for a leading online natural health company in 2006. I routinely turn new health research into easily consumable promos and articles for non-medical audiences.

As for financial, I pick my own stocks, and have studied the financial markets since long before the dot-com bust. I also sold real estate and financial products eyeball-to-eyeball. Because of my familiarity with these topics, I’m able to speak about them in a way that makes sense to financial novices.

Do you ever take on projects outside your specialty areas?
Most of my copy revolves around natural health, financial, and B2B companies. However, my digital copywriting services apply to a wide range of businesses.

Occasionally, I might take on work outside my usual specialty areas, especially when it’s a referral from a friend or client. Or I might choose to pursue a project I find particularly fascinating.

Ask me. If I think I’m a good fit for the task, I’ll say so. If not, I’ll refer you to someone I think will do an outstanding job for you.

Do you offer auxiliary services such as graphic design or web development?

I’m great at copy and marketing strategy. Not so much at design and web development.

That said, I do offer guidance for graphic design teams as I see fit. After all, I might have a great idea for how a concept might be shown. But it’s up to the design team whether or not they use it. That’s their place to shine.

And while I know my way around WordPress enough to add posts, you really don’t want me messing with your development. I promise.

How long will it take you to write my copy?

The honest answer is: it depends.

In an ideal world, I’d like two to four weeks – depending on the complexity of the project and what’s already on my plate.

But we don’t always live in an ideal world. Some projects need speed. Having said that, I must honor existing client promises first – just as I would if you’d asked me first.

Bottom line? Reach out and ask. If your project needs a fast turn-around, let me know the exact date you need it. If I agree to the project, I promise you’ll have it on your desk by (or before) your deadline.

Honestly, I’m a real stickler for deadlines. So if for some reason you don’t get your copy by our agreed-upon deadline, please check your spam folder. Or contact me so I can resend it. Your copy will be done right. And on time. You can depend on that.

What does it cost to hire you for a project?

The scope of copywriting projects varies immensely. Therefore I can’t give you a specific price that’s true “across the board.” There are too many variables.

When we discuss your project, I’ll assess the scope and parameters of it. Then I’ll provide a proposal within one to two business days. I can assure you it will be competitively priced per professional copywriting standards.

Once we’ve both agreed on the details, work begins after we both sign our agreement, and you make your 50% down payment. Any extra costs (travel, for example) would be preapproved and prepaid by you.

Visit my Packages Page for defined projects. These are some of the most popular projects I work on.

How do you view revisions?

My ultimate goal is for you to be wildly happy with your copy.

That’s why two revisions are included in the flat fee we agree to for the project… provided they’re based on the original scope and direction of the project.

That said, please request revisions within 30 days of receiving your copy. It makes things easier for everyone if revisions are done while the project is fresh. Once requested, I try to turn them around within two business days, if not sooner.

What if we want you to meet or train our team in person?

I understand that in-person is sometimes the best way to get the job done. That said, it does add expense and complexity to the project. So I only do this very selectively.

If you think it’s the best thing for your business, reach out and ask. We’ll see if it’s feasible with my schedule and your budget.

Do you only do project work, or are you open to retainers?

I’m certainly open to retainers. In fact, I had a retainer with one company that lasted for 14 years. And another that’s in its 12th year. Yours doesn’t need to last that long. Maybe it’ll only be a year instead of a dozen years.

The beauty of a retainer is that it allows me to get to know your business, your expectations, and your prospects and customers on a much deeper level. And it maintains consistency across projects.

If you’re interested in a retainer or ongoing arrangement, let’s talk about what that would look like. 

Where can I get answers to other questions I have?

You can contact me through my Contact Page.

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