Don’t Let Your Copy Fall into This Friday the 13th Trap

Aug 13, 2021 | Copywriting, Website Copy

It may be Friday the 13th today…

But you can “rescue” your ads from the unlucky dustbin of obscurity and futility by relentlessly focusing on one key word in your copy…


There’s no more beautiful word in the English language than you... for the person to whom it’s addressed.

You can’t use the word you too often in direct response. After all, the subject of your marketing isn’t the product, service or provider.

It’s the prospect… the you.

So even if you sell the greatest product on earth, resist the temptation to tell the world about it – what it does or how clever you or your company are for inventing or selling it.

What matters to your reader is, “What’s in it for me?” That’s their first and foremost concern.

Corporate-speak fails to make that connection. People buy from other people. Not from faceless corporations.

Because (a) corporate-speak is not personal and (b) people buy dreams.

Write As If Your Customers Are Central – Because They Are

Ask yourself, “Does this appeal to my customer… my reader?” Check this at all stages of your creative process.

Also check whether your copy assumes your readers are just as smart as you are… because they are. In fact, they’re far better informed about products and services than they were 20 years ago.

They may be distracted. But that’s completely different than not being smart. Talk to them like adults. Never ever talk down to them.

But this goes deeper than just throwing “you” on the page a whole bunch of times. It’s more about making a deep personal connection with your reader.

What makes a promo seem personal is the feeling that a real person wrote you a real letter. Remind your readers that their letter comes from a real human – not a corporation or committee.

In fact, you-oriented copy can sometimes appear as “me” or “I” copy. Such as in the call to action, where you say, “Yes, please send me the copy and charge my credit card. understand that if at any time am dissatisfied…”

For your package to be successful, the you attitude must come through loud and clear.

That’s why the best copywriters are not “mere” wordsmiths. They are experts in human psychology and in knowing their audience’s needs and desires at a deep level. That’s the real value professional direct response copywriters bring to your bottom line.


Carol Parks

Carol Parks helps entrepreneurs and companies grow and scale via digital copywriting and smart marketing strategy… both B2B and B2C. Need copy now? Check-out her Services & Copywriting Packages!