Clayton Makepeace’s Secret to Million-Dollar Promos

Sep 1, 2021 | Copywriting, Marketing Strategy, SEO, Website Copy

Scroll down for Clayton’s secrets for million-dollar promos. But first, news in supplements and SEO/Google…

The big growth trend in supplement marketing

Gummies have become the delivery system of choice for many vitamins and supplements.

Sales of gummy supplements are up 60% YoY.

A report from retail analytics company ClearCut shows that Amazon’s magnesium gummy category shot up from $8M to $14M over the past two years.

Source: Exploding Topics

Google’s new BERT algorithm… and your SEO

BERT is the newest in the line of never-ending Google algorithm changes.

BERT interprets the intent of users’ words. It’s “conversational.”

What this means is that your website must satisfy user intent. BERT gives a nod to sites that better address the intent of a search query.

Google won’t penalize you per se if you don’t satisfy the searcher’s intent. But it shows partiality to sites that best match what it deems to be the search’s intent.

How does Google define intent? It uses machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP) to decide what someone actually wants when they perform a search.

In the twinkling of an eye, Google decides…

  1. Are you seeking an answer to a question?
  2. Do you want to buy a product or read product reviews?
  3. Are you looking for a list of options?
  4. How about a how-to tutorial?

When planning content, perform a keyword search to best understand the intent linked to a keyword so you don’t waste your time.

Source: WordStream

Clayton Makepeace’s secret to million-dollar promos

Clayton Makepeace had an 11-step process for writing million- dollar sales promos.

One of those steps was to organize his promo such that he made each of these eight “sales” along the way…

Together, they bolster the big sale at the end.

  1. The attention sale. Sell them on looking at or listening to the promotion.
  2. The readership sale. Sell them on starting to read it… then continuing to read it.
  3. The benefit sale. Give the prospect every benefit… every imaginable reason he should buy.
  4. The credibility sale. Convince the prospect that the product will deliver on its promises.
  5. The value sale. Persuade the prospect that the price is peanuts compared to its outstanding value.
  6. The safety sale. Convince him he’s taking no risk by accepting my generous offer.
  7. The convenience sale. Sell him on how brain-dead simple it is to place the order.
  8. The “do-it-now” sale. Convince him that acting now is more than just in his best interest… it’s absolutely the smartest wisest thing he could do today.

Source: Two Hours to More Profitable Sales Copy by Clayton Makepeace


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