The Business “Red Flag” That’s Incredibly Easy to Overlook

Apr 18, 2021 | Entrepreneurship, Success

About seven years ago, after my mother’s passing, we hauled her cherished Hammond organ from Wisconsin to Michigan in a cargo van.

Trust me when I say we did not have the right tools for the job. We rallied two neighbors to help hoist the corners of this 350-pound monster up the five steps into our foyer and finally into its resting place in our living room. It was backbreaking work. Everyone was sweating bullets, and we almost dropped it on numerous occasions.

In the interest of downsizing, we sold that organ about two years later. The buyers came in with not one, but two organ dollies, plus the straps needed to hold it in place.

From backbreaking work to child’s play…

It made such a difference.

Just two simple tools – dollies and straps. That’s it.

Looking back, it would’ve been fairly simple to acquire those tools when we first moved it to our place. We just didn’t think about it.

In order to succeed, you must have the right tools for the job.

In business, what tools are you neglecting to acquire just because you haven’t given it a thought or “it wasn’t in the budget”?

That tool might be a mentor, a coach, a mastermind group. Or it might be a computer, printer, or course. It could be training for your staff.

Ask yourself what tool could simplify and streamline your business so you can do more and be more successful.

If you have employees, withholding the necessary tools or making them hard to acquire can lead to employee anger over having to waste time and effort. At a minimum, it can create the impression that the project or position is just not very important.

Remove the obstacles to success for yourself and your employees by making sure everyone on your team has the tools they need for the tasks you want them to do.

To your unlimited business growth,

Carol Parks

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