8 Keys to Effective Sales Follow-Up

May 15, 2021 | Success

Follow-up is often the key to the kingdom. Without it, your competitors will steal your lunch, your thunder, and just about anything else they can get their hands on.

Fortunately, you can learn the emotional triggers that help prospects commit… they’re not rocket science.

Of course, this assumes that you have a proper sales funnel in place, from your customers’ very first knowledge of your existence, through the lead generation and sales process, to the close and follow-up. The more you do well early on, the less follow-up you need.

But this is the real world. You’ll always need some.


1. Start with a small ‘yes.’

Most people automatically accept requests for help, says Robin Dreeke, former head of the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Program.

And when a prospect says ‘yes’ once, they’re more likely to say ‘yes’ again. That’s the key idea behind lead magnets or low dollar-amount products.


2. Give a gift.

Gifts are great for building rapport. They’re easy, nonthreatening, and build good will. And they don’t have to be material. Consider giving a free eBook or free webinar registration.


3. Develop a path of least resistance.

People want to be able to push the proverbial ‘easy button’ to get quick results with minimal effort.

They’ll always gravitate to the least demanding path, says Nobel Prize-winning psychologist Daniel Kahneman in his bestselling book Thinking Fast and Slow.

‘Laziness is built deep into our nature,’ he says. So use that to your advantage.

Provide them easy products that accelerate them reaching their goals:

  • Step-by-step guides
  • Foolproof products
  • Small bite-sized payment options


4. Require just one decision at a time.

Every purchase triggers a pain point – the pain of money leaving your bank account – according to neuroeconomics expert George Loewenstein.

So limit the pain points. Offer bundled services, instead of a la carte.

Research shows that people would rather buy one larger package than several individual services. Even if the package deal costs more, it ‘hurts’ less.


5. Make it quick.

Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) studies show that words like ‘instant,’ ‘immediately,’ and ‘fast’ trigger mid-brain activity, which is the same part of the brain responsible for deciding to buy. Instant gratification and solutions make purchases more likely.


6. Slap labels on everyone (good labels).

Make it easy for clients to ascend to ‘gold’ or ‘platinum’ status. It makes them feel included and valued, encourages purchases, and creates loyalty.


7. Admit your mistakes.

Admitting your shortcomings actually makes it easier for clients to hire you.

In a study by social psychologist Fiona Lee, companies that shared their faults had higher stock prices the next year, while companies that blamed external forces suffered.


8. Make it new and shiny.

Seeing something new and unfamiliar triggers the release of dopamine and endorphins, your feel-good hormones.

Apple is an expert at playing to this. Do you need a new phone every year? Nope. But look how many people wait in line for hours to get the new iPhone every year.

Tweak and rebrand your product or service offerings to give them a shiny new wrapping. Then build anticipation, like Apple does. And stare success in the face.


To your unlimited business growth,

Carol Parks

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