6 Simple Steps to Landing Pages that Convert

May 6, 2021 | Website Copy

Your website has too much information – and that can kill your conversion rate.

Simplify your message, reduce distractions, and increase conversion rates by creating single-purpose landing pages.

A landing page is a webpage where visitors “land” when they click on one of your ads. Unlike the deluge of information on your corporate website, this page shares one offer, and only one – the call-to-action your visitor just clicked.

Done right, landing pages convert visitors to leads.

Implement These Proven Tactics

1. Prominent headline

Write your headline in large type across the top of the page. Re-state the call-to-action from the promo your visitor just clicked. They need to make the connection instantly or they’ll leave.

2. Special offer

What’s in it for your visitor? A free eBook? Access to your podcast library? Registration for an upcoming webinar? Include a visual so they can see what you’re offering (i.e. the front cover of your eBook).

Include some information about you. What does your company do? Why should they read your eBook? What makes you the expert? Keep your key points short. Separate them with numbers or bullets. Be succinct.

3. Form

Make it as easy as possible for visitors to complete your form by asking only for vital information – like name and email address. After you build trust, you can collect more information. For now, don’t scare them away by asking too much up front… unless what you’re giving them requires more information, as is the case with a physical product sent by mail.

Include a visual cue (like an arrow) to point them to the form.

4. Call to action

At the end of your form, restate your call to action. What do they get for completing your form? Instead of the standard “Submit,” your button should say “Download My eBook Now” or “Sign Me Up for the Webinar.”

5. Urgency

Entice them with urgency. Maybe there are only 10 spots left in your webinar. Or perhaps your podcast library normally costs $19.99, but is free for a limited time only. Highlight the fact that your offer is temporary.

6. Customer testimonials

Including customer testimonials at the bottom of your landing page adds credibility. When visitors see satisfied customers, they’re much more likely to complete your form and convert from a visitor to a lead.

Add your BBB rating, customers’ logos, or security badges if available.

Maintain Your Image

Use your company’s branding when designing your landing page. That’ll help your new lead transition smoothly from landing page to website. It’ll also help them recognize future marketing material – like newsletters and email offers.

Remember: in order to be effective, you probably need several landing pages with different messages. Not all visitors will respond to the same promotion. You can have several promotions running at the same time. Or run them sequentially.

If you need help creating landing pages that convert, reach out to me.

To your unlimited business growth,

Carol Parks

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