5 Proven Strategies to Boost Reader Revenue

May 7, 2021 | Email Copy, Website Copy

Little adjustments to your next email could make your business explode.

Follow these steps to engage your readers and turn them into active clients.

The Gold Standard

Your email’s open rate shows you how many people are interested in your content, but the click through rate shows how many readers actually engage with your call to action.

Your click through rate is the percentage of people receiving your email who click on one (or more) of the links in your email.

Click through rates vary by industry, but are generally between 5 percent and 8 percent. Publishing and transportation usually have rates over 12 percent. B2C newsletters usually have lower click through rates than B2B newsletters.

You can beat industry standards by encouraging more clicks with these simple steps.

1. Have a clear goal.

What do you want your email to accomplish? Do you want subscribers to visit your new website? Register for an upcoming event? Complete an online survey? Like your Facebook page? Read an article?

Narrow your focus. Keep text to a minimum. Focus on only one call to action.

Segment your list, and send targeted and relevant calls-to-action to each segment.

Research shows that segmenting lists results in 18 percent more transactions, 24 percent more sales leads, and 24 percent higher revenue.

2. Know why you want them to click.

Tell your reader what you want them to do and how they will benefit. Will they receive a discount code? Will they get in on a great new product earlier than everyone else?

In addition, use one of these strategies:

  • Personalized subject line. Studies show that adding first names to the beginning of email subject lines increases the click through rate by more than 17 percent. However, it does make sense to test this, in case your business is the exception to the rule.
  • Leave an information gap. Make them click to satisfy their curiosity. People crave discovering missing information.
  • Deadline. This prompts readers to act now, rather than telling themselves they’ll come back to your email later… which rarely if ever happens.

3. Give them multiple opportunities to click through.

In the email itself, your main button should be near the top – above the fold. But you should also include the link/button in the middle of the email and again at the bottom. Giving the link multiple times, in multiple ways, increases the likelihood that someone who’s a “scanner” will see it and act on it.

If you use text as a link (instead of using a button), make sure it’s noticeably long – about 7-10 words.

4. Make it visually appealing.

Design your email to accomplish your one call to action – don’t include any superfluous information. Remove distractions (just like you do when you’re building a winning landing page).

Keep a consistent on-brand design with a focused layout. Add pictures and video whenever possible. Videos increase click throughs by 28 percent. Just make sure to keep them under 30 seconds.

Make sure your email is easy to read and your buttons are easy to use – both on computers and on mobile devices. People open emails on their mobile devices 65 percent of the time. Emails must load quickly, have a font that’s easy to read, and have easy-to-tap buttons to keep readers engaged.

5. Finish strong.

Provide social media sharing options. A study by Econsultancy showed 30 percent more clicks on emails with one social sharing option and 55 percent more clicks on emails with three or more social sharing options.

P.S. Before you finish, add a postscript. This grabs the attention of “scanners.” According to Serial Position Effect, the item placed last in an email draws just as much attention as the item placed first. And in direct mail, this carries even more weight. Often it’s the second thing people read, after the headline.

To your unlimited business growth,

Carol Parks

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